Lime Rock

by Elihu Savad

When I first joined BMWCCA, I had just restored a 1969 2002. It seemed the joy of driver schools put the restored "loved one" at some risk. This was confirmed some years later when I rolled it at Lime Rock's west bend. Long before that, however, I had written a poem about driver schools that has appeared in the NJ Chapter newsletter and in the Roundel:

When Lime Rock Calls

Lime Rock called, t'was time to go, and so I packed my trunk
With tools and oil and antifreeze, some clothes, some food and junk,
While my neighbor watched with interest, and then remarked to me:
"You're going to the track again, you're getting set, I see.
But I just don't understand it, after fixing it and all,
How you could go and race it, and risk rolling in a ball.
You saw it happen, once or twice; it made you quite upset.
It's really quite beyond me. How can you be so possessed?"

I thought awhile 'bout what he said, what this hobby means to me;
It's something that 'most everyone that you may meet or see
Can find reasons good and ample for why you shouldn't do
The things that you are doing, and why they're bad for you.
Yet you go and do them anyhow, you go out of your way.
They really don't seem bad at all; they really make your day!

So I said to him "There are some folks who jump out in the air
From perfectly good airplanes, with nothing but a pair
Of ropes connected to a sheet, and they fall upon the ground.
They sometimes break their hands or feet; they think their reason's sound
They say it's fun; I think they're nuts, they're under quite a strain,
It seems they haven't got the guts for landing IN the plane!

And what of guys with rifles, and all their fancy gear
Who go out in the woods to hunt and blast defenseless deer
That they don't even need for food! They think it's fun, that's clear.
Why not shoot a head of lettuce, and then go out for a beer?
So why will I risk driving there above the legal speed?
It's more than just a hobby, it fulfills a basic need.
It really is a driver school (this made him quite impressed),
To learn to drive right on the brink, the purpose that's expressed.
When I come back, more able, I can tell you loud and clear,
'I know what I am doing, it's the rest of you I fear!'"

Yet I know he still will wonder, about what it is I've won
When I risk my little bimmer turning rubber into fun.
It's true that I have sometimes seen a car rolled in a ball,
And you cannot walk away from that and not be touched at all.
You can say "I'll never do that; I won't land it in the trees!"
But the thought that it could happen makes me shaky in the knees.
It's only other people's cars that wind up getting wrecked.
(I may BE other people, but I haven't really checked.)

So I'm going up again tonight, and I cannot tell you why.
The motor hums, the tires sing, the wind goes rushing by.
I'll try and keep it in one piece while slaking basic needs,
And making noise and tire smoke at extra-legal speeds.
While driving fast around a track may prove that you're not lazy,
It doesn't prove that you are sane, and that don't mean you ain't crazy!

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Last Modified March 21, 2000