Custom Wood Gearshift Knobs

Handcrafted by Elihu Savad

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These custom gearshift knobs are individually made so that you have a unique shifter. They are lathe-turned or carved by me one at a time.

They are made to fit BMW and Mini Cooper shift levers with push-on knobs, screw-on knobs available for early models.

 Available with adapters for Porsche.  Contact me for fitments on other makes.

I make custom mounts for your project.  Contact me with your requests:

My 1969 2002.
Long gone but not forgotten.

My E30 M3 at an autocross.


Accusump Installation in an '88 M3

On Board Computer Lightbar LED conversion for all E30 BMWs

Throttle cable retainer for E30 M3 S14

DME repair

E30 gauge circuit panel adapted for E30 M3

C pillar cover repair


Teen Street Survival 2010

The following are articles I have written that have been published, somewhat irregularly, in the Bulletin of the New Jersey Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America. Some are editorials, some are tech articles, some are complete fiction, some are automotive poetry; all are somewhat irreverant. Some are related to what had been current events, i.e. early 90's, but are still applicable today.
Lessons In Municipal Civics (Oct. '99)
Don't Feed the Bears (Dec. '84)
Lime Rock (Mar '85)
Elsewhen(Apr '92)
An Idea Whose Time Has Went (Smoking as a driver hazard)(May '91)
Back To The Future, Please(Dec '90)
Real Americans(Mar'92)
The Spirit is Willing(Mar '90)
Read My Bumper Sticker(Feb "93)
The Phone Company(Sep '91)
Viva La Differential(Oct '90)
A Weighty Subject

My Pinewood Derby Cars
E30 M3 "WOODY"

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